Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Powered By Max Pro Coilover Released Today!

The Price is $1500/set and we will be pre-selling the shipment while its on the way. We will have them in our San Diego warehouse in 4 weeks. MAX PRO coilovers have many of the best things you have come to expect from our competition coilovers like front and rear pillowball spring perches, light weight mounting brackets and full tap super low independent ride height adjustability, high quality components and a robust damper but unlike the comp. coilover which is a pretty stiff ride that compliments lower power cars, the damping range on the PRO coilover has been fine tuned for a softer range by Eisuke Kawamori of Parts Shop MAX Japan to give high grip that high power cars require. The softer damper with more adjustability also compliments the Swift Springs which feel softer then our standard springs because the rate is more linear. The swift springs make this pro coilover even lighter than the comp coilovers as well. Alternatively this pro coilover feels very comfortable on the street and has increased stroke. I’ll post dynos when they become available, but for now I just wanted to give advanced notice to those who have been waiting a long time for a first glimpse.

Unique Features:
~ Swift Springs with mirror gold finish (A Parts Shop MAX exclusive)
~ New diameter to accomodate Swift Springs
~ CNC aluminum components double coated with pure copper, sealed with clear urethane
~ Pillowball uppers front and rear (teflon lined maintenance free)
~ Pillowball lower mounts (except Z33)
~ Fine damper threads to resist loosening
~ Rebound Infinitely adjustable with 12 click tactile feedback knob.
~ Damping has more adjustability all on the soft end of the range to compliment the swift springs and big traction on high power cars.
~ Camber AND CASTER adjustable front upper mount
~ 2 Degrees of negative camber built into lower mount
~ Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects with 4 year free replacement in case of moving parts failure*

!!!!Pre Order NOW !!!!

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  1. If I was rich I'd frame those and hang them in my living room. PURE ART!!