Friday, June 26, 2009

Amazing work in the Mountains of VA

Simply amazing. This the work of one buddies Mother's friends. He has been slowing build up this master piece over the past 30 years. And i must say it is quite the eye catching wonderland.

Most of it you can walk, sort of daisy chains together. Even has sweet little tunnel, and neat deck that i forgot to get a shot of.
It's truely amazing what one man can do. I wish the location was easier to get to because this needs to be seen by ever body. ( I guess that is where my photography comes into play :P )
He also has this little gem collecting dust in his garage, just chillin. I guess he will get back to work on this soon, now that his wall is almost done.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

pics for brooklyn

sorry i didn't get a clear shot of it.... but i'll take some more once the car gets to ohio
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This will be a nice car when it's done......
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Virginia's Official Wheel

Yea i'm pretty much stating this now. Virginia loves Kosei K1's
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Learned something

Last night while working on a s14 at a buddies house, I learned BMW made a AWD car. Never knew. Pretty much anything with X at the end is AWD. which is really sweet. This one has ben converted to Manual 2.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Say hello to my new car.........

Haven't had a good thought on a name for her yet, but I'm sure I'll figure one out soon.
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Went to a really neat house today. Lots of work went into building what makes this house so special. A 30 year build to be exact. But before i share the beauty of this master piece I was shown, I want to share this picture that i have been favoring. I'm glad it came out the way I imagined it!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hyper Fest 2009

Here are few pics from Hyper Fest. Held at Summit Point Motorsports Park every year. This park is pretty much the Ebisu Circuit of the East Coast, amazing place. The Drift Nirvana crew does an excellent job running events, very well organized.

moar l8tr

or u can check them out here

Kick Off

So i finally made a blog for my photography. A little base to give me chance to get my work out there. I also want to give my self some more inspiration to get out and atleast post up one new thing every couple of days, so i can get more practice.

Well hope you guys enjoy the blog. Hopefully it will work for me the way i want.