Friday, December 10, 2010


Cars are limited to the size of the rear tire that can be used, depending on the weight
of the vehicle. There are 7 weight classes, each spanning 200 lbs. A car must be
track-ready, and running when it is weighed and registered to a weight class. A car will
be weighed without the driver, and once the car is registered to a weight class, it will
be recorded, and issued a class-specific sticker that must be displayed prominently on
the windshield. A car’s weight may fluctuate within the limits of it’s weight class, but it
can never weigh less than the minimum weight for its’ registered class. Tire sizes are
AS MEASURED in mm, across the span of the contact patch. Tires will be measured
on the rim, while on the car, while the car is on the ground. Tire size must not exceed
the maximum size dictated by class at any time on track. Tire size will be measured
and verified on track before the start of every tandem round. A Formula D official may
also check tire size at any time during the event.

Weight and Tire Classes-
2000-2199lbs up to 215mm tire width
2200-2399lbs up to 235mm tire width
2400-2599lbs up to 255mm tire width
2600-2799lbs up to 275mm tire width
2800-2999lbs up to 295mm tire width
3000-3199lbs up to 315mm tire width
3200-3399lbs up to 335mm tire width

Weight Compliance
All cars must be weighed in a ready to drive state. Formula Drift will include this weighing at a mandatory pre-event inspection before the first event. Cars will be weighed WITHOUT driver, complete with all required bodywork and safety equipment installed. Cars may only be weighed and registered upon passing their annual safety and technical inspection.
A car can only be weighed and registered before the official start of a Formula Drift event. Cars may be weighed before any event, only during the regular technical inspection hours provided. The vehicle may not change weight classes at any time during an event. It is required of each competitor to inform the Formula Drift Technical Manager in writing of any modification(s) to their vehicle that alters the weight of the vehicle by more than 10 lbs. Formula Drift will be impounding all podium finishers immediately after end of competition and they will be checked for weight and tire size compliance. There will also be random compliance checks at any time during the Formula Drift events, at Formula Drift's discretion. Formula Drift reserves the right to weigh cars at any time before, during or after an event.

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